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Introducing Finpilot Beta

Updated: Feb 20

We are pleased to introduce Finpilot, an AI co-pilot for financial analysts to help in researching and analyzing companies faster than ever before.

Financial analysts are all too often bogged down by tedious yet essential tasks, such as sifting through extensive company documents and aggregating and analyzing data from various sources, which can include financial data providers, SEC filings, earnings calls, web sources, and investor presentations.

As we worked closely with many analysts, we learned that these tasks tend to consume a significant portion of their time, sometimes as much as 70%. This leaves less time and energy to focus on the more strategic aspects of financial analysis.

We have designed Finpilot to speed up these cumbersome tasks by orders of magnitude, saving analysts hours every week. We want analysts to focus on their true value-adding work and leave everything else to Finpilot.

To achieve this, we have trained our own AI models to deeply understand data and the process of researching and analyzing companies. Finpilot can understand your queries and find just the information you need from hundreds—even thousands—of documents to give a succinct answer. Finpilot can also guide you through an analysis with recommendations about questions and topics important to the company or industry.

Trust has always been a top priority for us and is critical in how we built our AI models and designed the tool. All answers and numerical values can be traced back to the original sources with a single click. You can click on any number in this conversation about Doordash and Uber Eats and see it highlighted in the original document.

And so we are thrilled to open our beta to the public! With Finpilot, you can:

We sincerely hope Finpilot helps speed up your research and analytical work, and we would love to hear about any tasks that you would like Finpilot to perform for you. Please drop us a message here.


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